What is Digital Marketing? Comparing Digital and Traditional Marketing!


What is Digital Marketing? Comparing Digital and Traditional Marketing!

When we think of Traditional Marketing most people think of TV, radio and billboards. On the other end of the spectrum lies Digital Marketing with channels like email, social media and SEO.

While this distinction between online and offline marketing is logical, it’s not always the case. Digital Marketing also uses digital means to measure the effectiveness of offline campaigns. In that sense, the divide between online and offline is not so clearcut.

Offline Advertisement?

Thanks to online channels, marketing is now much cheaper and within the budget of SME and early-stage startups. A few years ago, these companies might not have been able to buy advertisements to reach people in their homes or on their way to work.

That doesn’t mean that offline marketing has become obsolete. For branding and reaching a mass audience, Traditional Marketing is still important. Additionally, there are also great examples of targeted offline advertisement.

DuckDuckGo put a billboard in San Francisco to inform their audience of tech-savvy early adopters about privacy issues with other search engines. (An added bonus was, of course, the publicity, thanks to putting a billboard in the backyard of Google.)

Your target audience might frequent a specific metro stop, bar or city area. When you have the budget to include offline advertisement, it can be well worth the effort. Offline and online campaigns can enhance each other.


The most important distinction between traditional and digital marketing is measurability. This includes offline channels.

Thanks to tags, pixels, discount codes, different URLs, email addresses or phone numbers for specific campaigns, we can now track exactly the impact of marketing. This includes the Return on Investment and Lifetime Value of customers. These outcomes can be compared for different channels and even for individual campaigns, posts or pages.

No more wondering if you’re getting the most out of your marketing! Lean Marketing includes amongst other things testing, iterating and optimising marketing campaigns.

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