Marketing as innovative as the rest of your company.

Results backed by data

After months or years of development, you are now ready to show your product to the world. If you were lucky, you were supported by investors. If not, you bootstrapped your way to a finished product. Either way, now that your product is launched, you need customers fast. At this moment, you’re eager to enter the growth phase of startup life.

This is usually when you look into marketing, but where to start? Do you need email campaigns, content marketing, social media advertisement, search engine or conversion optimisation? Some or all of them?

At this point in time, you can proceed to do several things: hire a marketing specialist to conduct market research into your potential customers, but this takes time. As alternative an intern can do a little bit of everything, usually resulting in an unstructured ineffective marketing strategy.

Luckily, the means exist to avoid both scenarios and apply a data-driven, fast and effective approach to marketing. Instead of costly and time-consuming user studies, The Lean Marketing Collective uses iterative loops to find marketing solutions that work for your product. In our opinion, data trumps theory when results are what matters most.

If you already launched your product some time ago, we can upgrade the amount or quality of leads generated. It is even better to start with marketing while you’re still developing the MVP. That way you can use the input of potential customers to increase product-market fit and have a flying start once the product is launched.

Marketing at The Lean Marketing Collective is an ongoing process of understanding the customer through short experiments. The lean approach provides that insight faster with data to back up the results. Contact us for more information.


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