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Accelerate growth of your business with unbiased expert advice at a fraction of the cost of a Marketing Manager or Agency.

Marketing and Strategy Consultancy

Consultancy Hours

You would like marketing advice tailored to your business, but don’t want to retain a costly expert on a monthly basis. Perhaps you want another pair of eyes to look at the marketing approach or need some new ideas for your business. Or maybe you don’t have the budget to hire a Marketing Specialist yet (bootstrapping anyone?).

Even if you do have a Marketing Manager, or are one yourself, it is smart to get a fresh perspective once in a while. Why mull over the marketing plan for another hour when you could get objective advice, fast and affordable?

That’s why we came up with the Consultancy Packages. Affordable and objective marketing advice from experts to take your business to the next level.

Accelerate Growth, No Strings Attached

These packages are tailored to the amount of work you need, no strings attached. You can cancel a package anytime, for example when your business doesn’t require outside advice anymore or when you’re ready for an in-house marketing team. We’ll gladly train the in-house marketing team as well.

During the Consultancy Hours you can discuss all elements important for growing your business:

  • Marketing Strategy & Plan
  • Business Development
  • Sales Funnel
  • Lead Generation
  • Growth Hacking
  • Data Analysis
  • A/B-Testing
  • New Ideas & Brainstorming
  • Execution of Marketing Campaigns

All your calls will be with our Founder and CEO, Hendrika Visser. No interns or students!

Hendrika is Google Analytics Certified and started venturing into Business Consulting almost a decade ago. She has startup experience as Chief Marketing Officer in Berlin and also is a Freelance Journalist. Recently she trained startups and MBA students in the art of Lean Marketing at Stamford International University and Assumption University in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Lean Marketing Collective has worked with many small to medium businesses and startups in Europe, Asia and Australia. We are experienced in online and offline marketing including Social Media Marketing, SEO and Content Marketing. Check out testimonials from previous clients or book a free 60-minute consultation.

The first consultation is on the house, no strings attached!

We want to bring our expertise to companies that don’t have the same marketing budgets as large corporations. So we created a limited amount of packages for startups, NGOs and non-profits at a reduced rate. If you would like to apply for one of these packages, please mention this when booking a free consultation so we can give you preferential treatment.