Lean marketing is a path through the multitude of online marketing options.


We are a team of freelance SEO Specialists, Conversion Optimisation Consultants, Business Intelligence Analysts, Facebook Ads Managers, Google Adwords Developers, Marketing Managers and Copy Writers.

We believe in bringing together the right people for every project. Our freelance workforce allows us to do so. Every project gets its own specially composed team to fit the job at hand. We select team members from all over the world to meet the requirements of each project.

All of us have witnessed startups produce a viable product only to struggle with reaching customers. After all the time it took to develop a product, find programmers, build a team, get investor money or bootstrap your way to a finished product, it is a waste to go out of business at this stage.

We want to provide you a head start with online marketing that is fast, iterative, and data-driven. Marketing should be led primarily by data and experiments, instead of lengthy and costly research. This is faster and more cost-effective than traditional marketing approaches.

That’s why we believe marketing should be as lean as the rest of the company. Lean marketing uses knowledge and experience for starters, but recognizes that nothing is more valuable than the data gathered from real life customers. And this is good news for companies that need fast results and insights supported by facts.

Our Approach

We set up a plan for a flying start of sales. And to rack up results fast, we conduct several experiments simultaneously. This gives you the data you need, to continue reaching out to customers or develop a long-term marketing strategy.

Lean marketing is the results-based intervention for the online marketing confusion a lot of startups experience. The multitude of marketing options often results in doing a little bit of marketing on many platforms without implementing any feedback loop or retreating into stealth mode hoping the right customers will show up eventually.

It all comes down to finding the best ways of reaching out to customers for your specific product and target audience. At the same time, we optimize that outreach to make the most of it. The focus is long-term growth instead of repeatedly following the latest marketing hype like Pinterest, Snapchat or video.

‘Parallel iterative feedback’ loops we call them. The experiments we conduct to select and optimize lead generation methods. After our intervention, you continue to grow the company on your own, with the right knowledge to do so.

Hendrika Visser

Hendrika Visser founded The Lean Marketing Collective to provide a path through the multitude of online marketing options, guided by results and backed by data. She is Google Analytics certified.
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